A round-up of my all-time favourite pieces of activewear & why I love them

A round-up of my all-time favourite pieces of activewear & why I love them

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It has been a minute since I have done an in-depth blog post! I frequently get questions on workout clothes and shoes and what pieces work best for what workout. I wanted to sit down and write a comprehensive list of my all-time favourite activewear pieces and brands as a fitness lover and qualified personal trainer. 


My fave tops

This Lululemon long sleeve top is my all-time favourite. It's not too cropped, not too long and comes in two different colours. I love the fact that it's not restrictive. It's one of the only long-sleeve tops I can train in without feeling restricted in my movement.

This SKIMS long sleeve top is my second favourite. Although not technically a workout top, it's soft and is perfect for layering! I love to wear on walks, but wouldn't wear for a proper workout.

I love these singlets from Cotton On! They're super light weight, soft, affordable and come in a bunch of different colours. Great for layering over your sports bra or under a long sleeve top.


Tops with built in bras

This top by Lululemon is my fave at the moment. I like that it supports my girls without being restrictive. I can wear this for every style of workout. I have it in 3 colours!

This singlet top by Leelo is so flattering! I have it in both navy and white. There is a built-in bra which is padded. While it's tight, I can find I sometimes need to be pulling it up. I think because it's not as much of a halterneck as the top I have linked above. I love this for lower body days but wouldn't do cardio in it or anything that requires bending over etc.

This singlet top is so flattering! Super similar to the above however the material is slightly thicker and also has a beautiful back detail. I love how it sits at the front as well. 


Sports bras - lower support

Truthfully, I have been loving wearing tops with built in bras! But my top two sports bras are:

Lululemon Flo Y Nulu bra. It's cute, it's flattering and I love the thin straps. However, it's not great if you are wanting to do any jumping or plyometric movements as it is lower support.

This aimn ribbed seamless bra is great for a higher support option. It's tight and the thick straps help hold the girls in. It also comes in lots of colours!



When it comes to tights, I am FUSSY. I want soft, I want quality (can wear on repeat and wash all the time) I want supportive, I want high waisted, I want long enough that they're not above my ankle but short enough that I don't have to roll them. Enter the following tights:

1. Lululemon aligns! There are a few variations. I love the 25" high waisted. It sits perfectly on my ankle and belly button. It is buttery soft and moves with me during every workout.

2. My other favourite is these Wunder train tights! They look exactly like the aligns but they are more supportive and compressing. I've also found they don't pill at all!

3. These tights by SET ACTIVE are super comfy and flattering. The only thing I have found is over time, the waistband has *slightly* stretched. Not super noticeable, but I can tell.



I am verrrry fussy when it comes to shorts. I don't want them too long, too short or I love these align 6 inch shorts! I find the 4 inch too short on me, I'm not as comfortable wearing them. If you haven't tried the align material, do it. Honestly, it's buttery and so soft, like second skin! I have their tights in the align material, as well as their tank tops and shorts.

I also love wearing baggy shorts when I want something a bit looser. The ones I wear a lot are from Cotton On. I wear these Nike pro's underneath so I don't flash anyone haha. Seriously though, flowy shorts are risky without anything underneath.



I love these new balance for lifting weights in and walking in. The sole is much flatter than your average workout shoe, so it's great for lifting

I love these adidas for anything high intensity and longer walks. The higher arch feels more comfortable and supportive for running and jumping.



These are some maternity tights I lived in. 


That's all my tried and true activewear faves! Let me know if you want this to be a series and what you want me to do next xx


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