My wardrobe staples + where I shop

My wardrobe staples + where I shop

It's been ages since I've posted in my beauty/style section of my blog. Whenever I get a lot of the same questions in my DMs about a particular outfit or item of clothing, I would just add it as a link and post it on my stories. 

But I wanted to make a one-stop shop for all of my outfits I've worn, as well as pieces I love, my wardrobe staples and where I shop.

I have made an LTK profile/landing page so you guys can check there for all things style/what I wear. I have linked my page here.

If you are wanting to know where anything else is from and it isn't in my LTK, just send me a DM and I will do my best to read through and link for you on LTK!

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