How I read my Bible

How I read my Bible

There are so many ways to read your Bible! To name a few: reading a random book, following an online Bible study, reading without taking notes, reading while journalling + taking notes... the list goes on.

Where do I start? Do I need a physical Bible or can I use the app?

If you don't have a proper physical Bible (i.e. you have the app), I would really encourage you to get a proper Bible. There is something so special about reading an actual book, being able to circle things and make little notes. I also have found in the past that reading from my phone is distracting. Not only is the bright light first thing in the morning (when I read) harsh on my eyes, but you also then are tempted to check your messages, notifications, emails, etc. My rule is: I can't go on my phone until I have prayed and read my Bible.

The Bible that I have is from Koorong, linked here. If you are struggling to get a Bible or are not financially in a position to purchase, please reach out to me at and I will get one sent to you.


There are so many versions, what version should I get?

Really, it is up to you. You can find information on what Bible translations are here. The version that I have is the NIV, but a lot of my friends have the NLT or ESV. 


Okay, so how do I read it?

For me, I love starting with prayer first. I ask God for guidance as I read and to help me discover things that I need to hear. I remember Tori Masters once said that reading the Bible is like a treasure hunt for her. She loves reading it and discovering bits of gold in the Bible. 

If you are a total newbie, I would recommend starting with a Bible study/Bible plan. I really love the Bible plans on the Bible app. You can search keywords to help find a study suited to what you want to learn about. For example, if you are in a season of feeling anxious, you can search "anxious" and there will be a study on what the Bible says about anxiety. There will be verses of encouragement and hope.

If you are not wanting to follow a study and wanting to read on your own, I really love the New Testament gospels (so the book of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). 

For me, I love taking notes. I love summarising what I have read and writing anything that really stands out to me or particular verses that I want to memorise or speak over my life/someone else's life. It helps me remember and I just love being able to journal and write my thoughts down. I have a special book with all of my thoughts, dreams, prayers, learnings, Bible studies and everything faith related. I love looking back and seeing answered prayers and hardships that myself or others have overcome. I would recommend getting a notebook!


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