Monday Musings: Different ways to spend time with God

Monday Musings: Different ways to spend time with God

Well hello all!

First of all, it's absolutely Tuesday, but I'm calling it Monday Musings regardless. 

Second of all, we may have realised that my Instagram is not working at the moment. Basically I realised on Saturday that I'd been locked out and I'm really sure if and when I will get it back. 

Anyway, I have had the most amazing day today! I have been really pressing into God and his word. I've been reading Exodus and am really loving it. It's crazy how you can read a book of the Bible and then read it again and notice something totally different. On that, I wanted to share a few ways that you can spend time with God aside from just praying.

Of course, prayer is super important (a literal conversation between you and your Heavenly Father - amazing) but there are also other ways to connect with God so I thought I would chat about them. Just before I dive into them I wanted to quickly mention my new fave habit I've added into my morning: Prayer walks. Every morning Luca and I will go on a walk. For half of my walk, I don’t listen to anything, I just pray and chat to God about everything on my heart and mind. The other half of the walk, I will either listen to worship and meditate on the words or listen to a sermon. I love this time filling my cup and setting myself up for the day. There’s something so peaceful about being outside with God in the mornings.


Reading the Bible

If you are not reading your Bible daily - YOU NEED TO START. Look, it doesn't have to be a super crazy deep devotional and it doesn't have to be 2 hours long, but make time. If you have time to watch Instagram stories for 5 minutes, you 5 minutes to read the Bible. When I don't read my Bible in the morning, I am genuinely a way less patient person (just ask Brenton lol). You can read it on the free Bible app, but I would highly suggest reading an actual book because a) it is way less distracting and b) you can take notes and underline things! YouVersion Bible App and MessengerX app are amazing for Bible studies and daily devotionals. Everyone is different with how they love spending time in the word. For me, I love starting with prayer to set my heart and mind up to read and be open to receiving and hearing. I then journal - I write down my prayer requests, my praise points and anything on my mind. It’s like a brain dump for me. I love to choose a Book in the Bible (sometimes I’ll randomly choose, sometimes I’ll feel God put something on my heart) and read it. I’ll then journal about what I have learnt and any reflections.



I like reading the Bible and journalling at the same time. I love writing down my thoughts, my prayers and anything I find interesting that I have been reading or anything that stands out to me. I don't follow any prompts, but I'm sure there are some online.



Find artists that you love! Some of my favourites are: Maverick City Music, Hillsong UNITED, Montell Fish, Mosaic MSC, Brandon Lake and Local Sound. The Mosaic MSC album “This Is How I Thank The Lord” has been playing on repeat in our home.


Remember: God wants you to show up exactly as you are. You don't have to pull yourself together or have it all together before showing up to talk to God. He will meet you exactly where you are at. We are all broken people, we all have sin in our life but God is willing to meet us in our brokenness. Don't worry about showing up as 'perfect' or putting on a facade. God knows our hearts and thoughts anyway.


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Hey there, I came across your Instagram through Sarah’s day and then found your blog. I’ve just started coming back to God after growing up in a Christian home and leaving my faith in my teens until now in my early thirties. I’m a little lost as I want to start reading the Bible ect and attending church but I’m finding everything a little daunting. I’d appreciate any guidance you have to give 💗


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