9 recipes to bring to Christmas lunch + dinner (PSA: they take less than 15 minutes to make)

Someone please explain me how Christmas is THIS month!? Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year because I love everything it is about: celebrating Jesus, family time, food, baking, hosting and hospitality. I show my love by making food for people (lucky Brenton) and I love spending the day with friends and family. I wanted to give you 9 easy sides, appetisers and desserts you can bring to the Christmas lunch or dinner. I also have a Pinterest where I save recipes that I have tried and loved or still want to try, linked here



Goats cheese + baked honey pears. 

Need I say more? It takes 10 minutes and looks so impressive. We love.


Peach, basil and burrata salad. 

Guys, this salad is so easy and so good. Less than 4 ingredients and takes literally 3 minutes to whip together. 


Rocket, pear and walnut salad.

This salad only takes 10 minutes and requires zero baking. It's fresh and tastes amazing on the side of any dish.


Roasted balsamic + honey brussels sprouts.

If you hate brussels sprouts, I'm sorry, cause I love them. These are insane. Sticky, crunchy and delish. Take your greens to the next level this festive season.


Oven roasted cauliflower with tahini sauce.

I am a tahini fiend. I make my salad dressing with tahini, I drizzle it over my oats, I lather it on my dinners. So anything with tahini, sign me up!



Healthy rocky road. 

A childhood favourite of mine - made healthy! Dairy free, refine sugar free and gluten free. Video tutorial is on my Instagram here.


Pumpkin spice loaf.  

This load if insane. I made it because I had FOMO from all my American besties posting pumpkin spice lattes during Autumn (aka'Fall') and fell in love. It's moist, moorish and a nice mix up from traditional banana bread. Video tutorial is on my Instagram here.


Mocktail Aperol Spritz.

If you know, you know. I'm not a big drinker at all but I love an Aperol Spritz on a hot summer afternoon. Obvs I can't drink actual Aperol Spritz because I'm pregnant, so I created a mocktail recipe. Video tutorial is on my Instagram here.


Spiced orange scones.

You guys, these scones are insane!  This recipe is refined sugar free as well as vegan + dairy free. Video tutorial is on my Instagram here

December 02, 2021 — Beth Parkes

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