All of my ride-or-die fitness products

All of my ride-or-die fitness products

You guys already know that fitness and wellness is a massive part of my life. I thought it was time to talk about all of my ride-or-die fitness favourites. You will usually see these things in my gym bag and part of my daily routine.

Activewear Brands 

aimn's seamless collection is honestly what I live in. I was so impressed to find out that I could even train legs and glutes in the beige set and wear black underwear underneath and it was still not see-through! Totally squat-proof, the bra's are so supportive, the waist-band sucks you in. You guys, I can't with this collection. You need to try the seamless collection if you haven't already! I wear the tights, sports bra's and the midi biker shorts, they are my fave.

The lululemon Align High-Rise Short 4" and lululemon Align High-Rise Pant 28" are another of my absolute favourite tights and shorts. They are buttery fabric and have a 'second skin' feeling. Like aimn, they also don't rise up or fall down during a workout - love that. I have had my align tights for 3+ years so you can be sure the investment is worth it.

Set Active: I have only ever worn their SCULPTFLEX collection, but I want to try out the LUXFORM and SPORTBODY collections. I love their colour variety and their quality. The SCULPTFLEX bras are not as supportive as lululemon and aimn but I just love their styles so much and will do a strength session, pilates or run errands in their sets. I just don't wear the set in cardio sessions or sessions with jumps and plyometric movements!


Beats by Dre Rose gold headphones I love these for heavy strength sessions at the gym because they are noise-cancelling and make me feel like a bad ass - even though they are rose gold and girly as lollll. 

Air-pods/normal headphones: I love walking with air-pods and I don't have the noise-cancelling ones as sometimes I will wear them cleaning or crossing the road and I like to hear the doorbell ring, Brenton calling out to me or.. more importantly.. car's coming toward me.


Online Pilates

Lockdown was TOUGH. While I used my weights and did my Shred 30-Day Challenge workouts most days, The Pilates Class was a great online pilates class for the days I needed to take it easier (especially first trimester). I love that they had a large array of classes, including pre-natal classes. But truth be told, I am a gym girl through and through. I love the environment and being around other people working out. Because I work from home, I spend most of my days at home so I love the practice of physically leaving my home to train. 



The Adidas Ultra boosts are my absolute fave. I have them in a white and a beige and they are perfect for walks and running. If I am doing a leg/glute session, I will just wear flat shoes like converse or even take my shoes off for my squats and lunges.



I never got into the whole "supps supps supps" mentally or loaded myself with a million supplements. I personally love protein after a workout as it helps me hit my protein intake for the day. Before getting pregnant I would take BCAA's every now and again (but totally not necessary) and would have a coffee as my pre-workout. These days, I just have protein and all my prenatals (iron, prenatal vitamin, DHA fish oil and a probiotic - I can do an in-depth of these if that's something you guys are interested in!). I normally have my protein in my smoothies post-workout, but you can have it any time of the day. I drink it on the days I don't workout too.

Vegan Protein: I love the Tropeaka FIT Protein (cookie dough flavour - sooo good) and the Raw Protein Isolate Vanilla 

Whey Protein: Biotech USA ISO Whey Protein is amazing, creamy and helped me gain muscle so quickly (in combination with a high protein diet + strength training).



I am all for a clean and natural deodorant and aluminium free. I have tried and tested SO many over the years and I have two faves:

Noosa Organics 

Kosas Chemistry AHA Serum Deodorant


Sweat towel

Ell & Voo microfibre plush gym towel is great as it is small, compact and quick-drying


Drink bottle

I love using a BPA-free reusable water bottle. The brand I have is Manna but they have sold out of the one I have. Here is a similar one but in black. 


Booty band

I am yet to find an aesthetic booty band. I'm talking neutrals, espresso and beige colours. Stay tuned...


Barbell pad

This is the barbell pad that I have in my gym bag as a backup in case the one in the gym is being used. I prefer the squishier, bigger ones that the gym usually has.

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