August Favourites: What I've been loving, using & wearing on repeat

August Favourites: What I've been loving, using & wearing on repeat

Hello, September!

I am so happy it's spring. To be honest, it was actually a really beautiful winter. Not too cold and super sunny! But I just love spring and summer so much. I thought I would do a little wrap of all the products I loved last month and if you guys find this helpful, I can make it a series at the end of every month!


Beauty & Skincare

Honestly, I really stopped taking care of my skin when I had Luca. I just sort of slipped out of the habit and was using any product within arms reach. I started noticing a difference in my skin appearance (was looking a lot more textured and dry). I went and got a facial and spoke to the girls about my skin and I became super determined to start taking better care of my skin. This month I can say that I have definitely given my skin some extra love and can see a noticeable change. Here are some products I have been loving in the skincare department...


1. Ice roller

Since I got this roller, I have loved it. However, I have actually started ice rolling my not only my face but my jaw too. I didn't know how much tension I held in my jaw until I started massaging it every day! I have tried Gua sha and jade rollers and I really didn't love them. This is different, I use it every day! I love this ice roller because it is heavy in the hand so it feels firm on your skin. It has a thumb imprint so it's nice to hold and best of all it lives in the freezer. This means it's ice cold when I put it on my face (first thing in the morning) which not only is super tightening but it also wakes me up. A cold shower for your face, if you will. I ice roll this serum into my face (you can get it as a set). 


2. Papaw ointment

The OG of lip balms and for good reason. It's like $6 and I have been using this ointment for dry skin and lips since I was a kid! The winter months definitely dry everything out, but this lip balm keeps things hydrated.


3. Face sunscreen 

I can't believe I only started wearing SPF last year. Our skin is so precious! This face sunscreen is 50+ and it leaves no white cast and honestly feels like a silky serum going on! I love it. I use it as my last step in my skincare routine. 



The best concealer 

My bff at the moment. Seriously though, I have never loved concealer more haha! I have tried lots and this one takes the cake. It's not cakey, it's creaseless (it is called 'creaseless' after all). It's not matte, it's on the dewier side which brightens around the eyes. 11/10. The shade I use is 33N Medium.



Bible Study

The Bible study I just finished is called 'Moms of Men' and it is available on the free Messenger X app. It is about mums raising boys specifically. If you are a mummy to boys, you will love this! It's an interactive video series hosted by Lisa Bevere and Havilah Cunnington. If you aren't a mum - I would still highly suggest downloading the app. It has some amazing resources on there!


Book I'm reading at the moment

The book I'm currently reading is called Driven by Eternity by John Bevere (yes, I'm on a Bevere kick!). He is an excellent writer but extremely articulate and his concepts are sometimes hard to grasp so make sure you've had your morning coffee before reading haha. It's such a phenomenal read and I have had so many revelations. If you're someone who struggles wrapping their head around Heaven and Hell, this is the book for you! 


Fitness & Wellness


This powder is not only great for muscle soreness and recovery, but me and Brenton get so sleepy after drinking it. Could be placebo, but it's so good! I feel like it helps with my sleep.


My new fitness program!

Being able to rock up to the gym and not have to think about what you will do for your workout is the best. This program is exactly how I've been training and feel so strong and fit! It has a full wellness section, nutrition section and of course 8 weeks of workouts with video demonstrations. You need this program in your life! 


Mesquite powder

This is such a random one but I have been loving mesquite powder. I've been adding it into smoothies, my granola bowls, my oats and my baking. It has so many health benefits and tastes like salted caramel! I've also been making "hot salted caramels" instead of hot chocolates lately with mesquite, honey and frothed soy milk - sooo good. 


Ottolenghi 'Simple' Cookbook

This book has such amazing recipes and is such a lovely gift because it's aesthetic and would great in any kitchen / on any coffee table. 


Clothes & Accessories

Set Active Set

This blue colour is amazing. I love their Sculptflex material, I find it fits so well! The colour is called 'rain' and the style of bra I get is the box cut bra.


Adidas Ozweegos

I love these shoes! I feel like they really spice up my athleisure outfits.


The sunglasses I've been wearing every day

I went through a stage where I wore these every day last year but I feel like I overdid it. The last month or so I've been wearing them every day on repeat. They are one of the only pairs of sunglasses that I've tried that don't fall down on my face.


Fluffy slippers 

A necessity for the colder months. I wear these every. single. day. They're soft, cosy and make my day feel so elevated when I wear them around the house haha!


Lululemon hoodie I've been wearing on repeat

This is such a flattering piece! I have worn it so much this winter. It's soft, thick, warm and I love the half zip / quarter zip trend at the moment.


Like I said earlier, if you guys find this helpful, I can make it a series at the end of every month! I love giving my honest opinions on things. Let me know xx

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