From Procrastination to Boss Woman: How to Get Out of a Funk

From Procrastination to Boss Woman: How to Get Out of a Funk

We all have those days where we literally just feel as though we woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Today was one of those for me. I felt uptight, frazzled and a little all over the shop. I even said to my husband "I just don't feel grounded". To which he responded, "that's weird, you had Jesus time this morning". Which leads me onto my first and most important step when feeling not myself. 


Jesus time, prayer, reading my Bible, reading encouraging scripture. It just helps shift my perspective and reminds me that this life isn't forever and I need to have a Kingdom perspective and attitude not a worldly perspective and attitude.


Take 5 

Remove yourself from your work, your phone, your laptop and just take 5. Whether that's to go for a walk around your office, make a coffee, get outside or read for 5 minutes. Just take 5 minutes to remove yourself from the situation. Not only will you feel less highly strung, but you will come back with a fresh mind and perspective and be able to work more efficiently and productively. 



An instant mood booster. Whether it's a full on HIIT workout or a chilled walk, just moving your body in some way, shape or form truly makes the biggest difference. On days where you're in a funk it might feel like the last thing you want to do, but chase those post-workout endorphins - we never regret a workout!



Listen to playlist that hype you up. If you can't decide what you want, why not try throwback mix. Nothing like nostalgia to improve your mood!


Put Yourself Together

I'm not saying a full face of makeup or a ballgown, but take off your robe and PJ's and put yourself together a little. Even though I work from home 80% of the time, getting ready helps my productivity levels. It's telling yourself "we are in work mode, NOT procrastinate mode".


Get Clean

Okay, I'm adding to the above. This is huge. If I feel like I'm in a funk and my makeup is smudged, my hair is unwashed and I'm still in my activewear, there is nothing better than getting fresh. Freshly washed hair, a deep cleanse and your skincare routine never disappoints.  


To-do List

Oh man, I write a to-do list every. single. day. sometimes twice a day as it needs updating. I do the old-fashioned pen to paper. Honestly, I feel like it takes the mess and jumble in my head and forms it into organised chaos on paper. Plus, is there anything more satisfying than actually physically ticking off a to-do list? 

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