Habits to quit before 2022

Habits to quit before 2022

The fact that 2022 is just around the corner has inspired me to set some new goals and reflect on the year that's been. I got myself asking myself, "what do I want to leave in 2021?". 

So, I thought I would chat about a few habits and behaviours that I think we should all leave in 2021. Beyond these, I encourage you to have a think about what you personally don't you want to bring into the New Year. So, there a few habits and behaviours that I think should be left in 2021...


Limiting self belief + holding yourself back from achieving 

  • If you want to achieve something, you have to believe that you can achieve it
  • It's really important to ask yourself why you don't think you can achieve something. Is it because you feel like where you want to be is too hard? Maybe you're nervous to take the leap. See if you are holding yourself back or if you need to change some circumstances before you can take the leap. You need to do the work. No one is going to wake you up early if you want to start waking up at 5am or make you eat healthy or advance your career for you. You need to put in the effort and believe you can do it!



  • Stop comparing your journey to others journey (house, kids, marriage, financial position, relationship status, success) it steals your joy!
  • Have peace and rest in the plan that God has for you 
  • Your journey will never be the same as anyone else's, because it is your story


Speaking negative words over yourself + others 

  • The pathways in our brain can change depending on what we speak and do over and over again. 
  • Speak positive words and these will be the strongest pathway (so your brain will automatically be jumping to the positive before the negative!)
  • Gratitude is important 


Not spending a day away from social media

  • Take one whole day off social media
  • I challenge you - you won't know yourself after implementing this habit
  • The posts will still be there, you aren't missing anything
  • It changed my social media habits hugely and allowed me to implement healthy social media boundaries throughout the week
  • Try it! 


Not taking care of yourself

  • Eating a consistently poor diet is not going to be helpful for you. Eating poorly makes me feel bad physically (I can tell in my skin, digestion) but also bad mentally (I feel foggy and lack motivation).
  • Everything in moderation! I always preach balance. There are foods that are good for the body but there are also foods that are good for the soul!


Let me know what you want to leave in 2021 on my Instagram post here.

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