3 practices in your morning routine that you can start now

3 practices in your morning routine that you can start now

Consider this your guide to a simple morning routine that will help keep you calm and relaxed so you can have maximum motivation and productivity throughout your day. I have included habits and practices that you can start implementing right away. I'm not here to talk about writing 800 things you're grateful for or listen to 45 motivational podcasts or get all your emails done as soon as you wake up. I'm here to give you real, practical and most importantly achievable and sustainable habits and practices.


Do not check notifications or messages until you are done with your non-negotiables

Full transparency, I used to check my phone as soon as I woke up. I would check my messages, scroll my Instagram, and check any other notifications before even getting out of bed. I would find that I would become overwhelmed before I even got out of bed because I had bombarded my brain with a million things I had to do that day, emails, the news and messages to get back to.

I wanted to wake up slowly and ease into the day feeling relaxed and ready - not overwhelmed and stressed. I decided to make a rule for myself: don't check your phone until you have done your practices that are not negotiable. For me, these things include brushing my teeth, washing my face, drinking water, making a coffee or tea and reading my bible. This has helped me so much and sets me up for a peaceful morning.

If you are a business owner, a PA or just someone who gets bombarded with texts and calls in the morning for work, set your phone on airplane mode until you're ready to deal with the world.


A healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast sets me up for the day. You have just fasted overnight so your body is ready for some nourishing. Open your blinds, pop a candle on, put on some music or a podcast and carve out 15 minutes to make yourself a healthy breakfast. Wake up 15 minutes earlier if you are time-poor. There is always a solution to every excuse! Trust me, you will feel amazing for it and it will keep you on track for a healthy day both mentally and physically.



Brush your teeth, wash your face, drink your water and get changed. I also do really quick skincare. If I have content to shoot, have Zoom calls or have an event, I will get fully ready and do my makeup. If not, I like to just do my skincare and not do my makeup. Some people love wearing makeup every day and if that's you, do it! When I worked a corporate job, I would do my makeup and hair every day because it made me feel put together and motivated. Since working for myself and mostly in my home office, I can get away with living in my activewear. Get out of your Pj's and into your clothes. If you want to workout, get into your activewear straight away. Try laying your activewear out the day before. I have been doing this for as long as I remember! That way, when I wake up, I don't even have to think about what to wear. I can just chuck my clothes on in auto-pilot and start my day. Plus, wearing activewear always motivates me to workout.


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