My New Years Goals for 2022

My New Years Goals for 2022

I've never been a big New Years Resolution kind of girl but I have always enjoyed setting goals and talking about the future. This week Brenton and I have really slowed down and I have enjoyed waking up early with him and walking with a coffee followed by an ocean swim. We have really reflected on this year and how insane/amazing/exciting/wild/crazy it was. We survived a 4 month lockdown, fell pregnant with our first baby, created products for our businesses and had to cancel our wedding - for a third time. We started talking about our goals and focuses for next year and broke them down into spiritual goals, family goals and business goals. So, in no order, here are my New Years goals for 2022. 

1. Have a good work/life balance and be more present

I know our life is about to change (you can read about how I plan on balancing mum life and running my business here). I want to continue date nights with Brenton and always communicate our needs. I want to be so intentional with time spent with baby boy. I want to take in every moment and always be present. This means putting boundaries in place with work, which I have already started to implement this year. I am so excited to meet our little man and truly want to be the best version of myself for him. I have already started things this year such as: taking a sabbath on Sunday (no social media or work from Saturday night until Monday morning), not using my phone until I have completed my morning routine and not using social media for longer than the period I have set. Next year, I want to start blocking out time every day to put my phone on 'Do Not Disturb' and really have that downtime with baby boy + Brenton with zero distractions.


    2. Go deeper with God 

    I always have the most peace, am the most joyful, the most content and the most loving when I am spending a lot of time with God. I truly can't explain the feeling, it really is something that you need to experience yourself. I want to spend more time in prayer and spend longer per day reading the Bible. I would love to try some devotionals/reading plans with some of my friends and continue to run a women's Bible study.


    3. Create things that will bring value to your life

    Whether it's physical products for the gym, fitness programs, challenges or wellness products, I want to create things that will actually help you achieve your wellness goals and keep you living a balanced lifestyle. I want State of Wellness to truly be a hub for all things wellness: fitness, lifestyle, nutrition and mindset. I really want you to be able to be living in a state of wellness all the time and create things that will add value and bring a positive change to your lifestyle. I love our community and can't wait to see what we can all achieve collectively in 2022!


    4. Document my postpartum journey + create a workout plan 

    I really want to share my postpartum journey with you. I want to show you exactly what I did to get back into my fitness after having baby boy. I am excited for this journey into the unknown! I love setting challenges and seeing what my body and mind are capable of.


    Until 2022,


    B x

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