My full wellness routine: what I eat, supplements & daily practices

My full wellness routine: what I eat, supplements & daily practices

I thought I would do a comprehensive post about what my wellness routine looks like. I wanted to be super granular and really dive deep into what I do and why I do it. This is what works for me. You can try some, all or none of it. I am just sharing my experience and things that keep me thriving and functioning optimally! I also wanted to mention that I try to habit stack a lot of my routine - especially since becoming a mum. You'll see habit stacking throughout my routine but an example is reading my Bible whilst feeding Luca or walking whilst listening to a podcast and having my morning coffee. Habit stacking has helped me use my time efficiently.


Morning Routine

My morning routine is way less rigid since having Luca as I really am on his time schedule. If I wake before him, I try to do as much of my morning routine as possible. If we wake at the same time, I go straight into his routine - changing him and feeding him. Once that's done, he will usually go back to sleep which is when I will do my routine. Whether we wake at the same time or I wake before him, I always do the following during the morning:

  • Bible / prayer
  • Luca's routine
  • Get ready (dressed, wash face, brush teeth, face serum, concealer and sometimes mascara depending on the day)
  • Coffee
  • Quick 5 minute tidy of the house/put a load of laundry on/put the dishes away
  • 1L of water
  • Breakfast and supplements
  • Movement

I don't get on my phone/emails/socials until I have done most of the above. I find it overwhelming diving straight into the stimulation of a phone first thing in the morning. I prefer a slow start to the morning.


What I Eat

What you eat really does affect everything. How you sleep, train, function, think, your digestion, your skin, muscle gain, fat loss and so much more.

Breakfast / morning supplements

  • Breakfast 90% of the time is sourdough with avocado, greens (kale/spinach) and 2 eggs. If I feel like something sweet, it will be oats in some variation (granola, fruit and yoghurt, muesli and fruit, hot oats, oat-based protein pancakes, chia and oat pudding, etc. etc).
  • Water (always have a 1L bottle next to me on my desk / in my bag)
  • Vitamins: vitamin D, fish oil, probiotic, greens powder, collagen
  • Long black coffee with some cold soy milk





  • Protein oatmeal or bircher bowl with hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, collagen, nuts, seeds, protein yoghurt or protein powder and dried fruit. If I have a savoury breakfast then I will usually have this as my lunch, which is why I add all the extra goodies for a big nutrient boost
  • Veggie rice bowls 
  • Nourish bowls
  • Some kind of big salad with protein



    • Lamb ragu
    • Turkey meatballs
    • Coconut, tofu and vegetable curry
    • Home made pizza
    • Vegan nachos
    • Veggie fried rice
    • Chicken pesto pasta


    Dessert / night supplements

    • I love having something sweet after dinner like my fudge brownies, choc-chunk cookies, apple and cinnamon oat cups or protein balls (all found in my recipe ebook)
    • Peppermint tea
    • Magnesium powder for helping me sleep 


      All recipes mentioned above can be found in my recipe eBook here. You have the option to choose the version with calories and macros calculated or the version without. Easy, nutritious, delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and smoothies to help you hit your goals.



      Weekly, fortnightly and monthly appointments

      • Massage: I get a fortnightly remedial sports massage to help with my recovery, training and pains. I hold a lot of my tension in my shoulders so this massage really helps my body feel looser. I have some of my best ideas during these massages because I am in silence for an hour and have time to really think without any distractions.
      • Sauna: I didn't use the sauna at all in my pregnancy but I had my first sauna yesterday and it was amazing! I will go back to doing an infrared sauna once or twice per week. In terms of habit stacking, I do the sauna with Brenton and we catch up on each others week so far. I also love stretching in there. If I was to go by myself, I would bring a book, journal or podcast.
      • Physiotherapist: I started seeing a women's health physio when I fell pregnant because I wanted to make sure I was looking after my pelvic floor and abs. I have learnt so much about my body since seeing her and will continue to see her through my postpartum journey!



      Obviously my exercise routine had to change during pregnancy and postpartum. Staying active was so important to me during pregnancy. I was able to strength train which enabled me to feel strong during my pregnancy, labour and even now at nearly 4 weeks postpartum. I am really looking forward to my 6 week PP checkup in 2.5 weeks time. Until I am cleared to start going to the gym again, I have just been walking every day (cleared by my physio).

      I am really looking forward to getting back to the gym. I am going to do my new 8 week program (which I cannot wait to launch but I want to trial it again before I release it to you guys! I want to make sure it's perfect). Following a workout plan is key. Whether its one of my plans or someone else's, I really recommend purchasing a workout plan from a qualified professional. Having a plan keeps you accountable as well as makes your life easier because the work done for you. You don't have to think about what to do, you just rock up to the gym (or home for my LEVEL UP Program), open your phone and you're good to go for the day!


      Me time / relaxation

      I recharge by being alone. I really need my alone time to reflect and refocus. Two of my favourite ways to do this is 1) In my morning routine (coffee and Bible at home) or 2) Solo walks (feat. Luca haha). I find these walks refreshing and they really relax and recharge me. I like to break my walk up by doing 3 things: 1) silence (no headphones) to just think, reflect and dream. 2) prayer and worship 3) call a friend or listen to a podcast. Not only am I exercising, but I'm also getting fresh air, vitamin D and clearing my head.



      I don't work or use social media on Sunday. This means that from Saturday night until Monday morning, I don't even open my work apps (emails, website, blog etc) or social media. This is one of my favourite practises ever. It's great because Brenton and I do it together so we are in the same boat. Honestly, I think everyone should have at least on day off social media. I am even thinking of doing it Wednesday as well. If you are reading this and think "I could never do a day off social media or work" then you, my friend, are the exact person who needs it. I was the exact same as you! Just try it. Set yourself a challenge and see how productive you are and how much more time in the day you have! By Monday, I feel refreshed and ready to dive into another week.


      Night routine

      My night routine is not as extensive as my morning routine but I do have some non-negotiable's. They are below:

      • Warm shower
      • Skincare: cleanse, serum, eye cream and moisturise
      • Luca's night routine
      • Write my to-do list for the next day
      • Prayer with Brenton


      Wellness things I want to start incorporating into my routine

      To finish this post, I wanted to mention a few practices that I want to start adding into my wellness routine...

      • Cold showers
      • Ice baths
      • Daily stretching and foam rolling 


      Again, this is what works for me and not every day is the same! Sometimes I don't eat super nutrient-dense foods or drink enough water. Sometimes I choose the donut over the healthy option. That's okay! Wellness is all about balance. 

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      Beth!! What a gift you are so beautiful inside and out. Reading this reminded me abit of myself and some things to work on too. Trying to find that balance more. Thanks for sharing.


      Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed this post! I’m 5 months pregnant and have lost my healthy routine, really just because I’ve been so unsure what’s safe and what’s not! Keen to adopt a healthy routine again so I can continue a holistic approach to well-being once bub arrives, so I’ve taken some tips from you! Thank you!


      LOVE this Beth – especially the part about not touching your phone until you’ve done your morning routine / having time off socials/your phone completely once a week. They’re the bits that spoke to me the most so I think I’ll be incorporating these into my routine. I used to leave my phone before most things in the morning and actually have an old fashioned alarm so I could sleep without my phone in my room, but it’s slowly crept back in somehow…!
      Loved this entire post – thank you for sharing and for reminding me of what’s important. X


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