Training Around Your Cycle Is Important, Period.

Okay enough with the puns. Girls, listen up! Have you ever felt really strong and energised during a workout and then 2 weeks later you feel weak, flat and can’t lift nearly as much as you could in the previous weeks? This is so normal. Let’s talk about training around our cycle...


What's the deal?

We have 4 phases in our cycle: menstrual phase, follicular phase, ovulatory phase and luteal phase. As we reach the end of our follicular stage (before ovulation), oestrogen starts to rapidly increase. Our energy will rise and we will find that we are feeling strong. In a study by Sung et al (2014), they found that women’s strength in the follicular stage was much greater than their strength when doing the same strength-based workouts in their luteal phase. Our energy and strength are at our peak during the end of the follicular phase and during our ovulatory phase so this is the perfect time to put in the work and aim for some personal bests! This strength and energy from the follicular phase carries into our ovulation phase, where we feel brighter moods, stronger and high energy. Once we hit our luteal phase (the phase after ovulation), our energy starts to decrease. PMS and food cravings? Yep, we have the luteal phase to thank for that. Don’t be disheartened if you can’t lift as much as you could in the previous weeks of training - this is normal. I hope this helps you put less pressure on yourself with your performance in a workout. Always be kind to yourself and take care of yourself, our bodies are amazing.

March 29, 2021 — Beth Parkes

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