Wellness travel essentials: tips & supplements

Wellness travel essentials: tips & supplements

The last month has been busy for us in terms of travel. Travelling means being out of a routine and as a result I have changes in my digestion, eating, water intake, sleep and exercise. It's important to be flexible but I try to maintain balance because I feel best when I am moving my body, eating *predominantly* whole-foods (sometimes this isn't possible or I want to eat more processed foods and that's totally a-okay) and drinking enough water. I wanted to share a few things I implement while travelling, as well as my top three supplements and staple skincare products.


Have a "what can I add?" mindset

When it comes to travelling and my lifestyle in general, I am all about "what can I add?" instead of "what can I subtract?". For example, when I am going out to dinner and I want to get the 'less nutritious' option such as a burger and hot chips, I will add a side of greens or a salad. 


Big water bottle

I always travel with my 1L water bottle. I actually don't really go anywhere without my big water bottle. When I am hydrated, I notice the most difference in my skin, digestion and energy levels.



I only take three supplements when I travel - one for the AM and one for the PM.

Morning supplement 1: Seed Daily Synbiotic 

Last month I mentioned I had started taking the Seed Synbiotic which is a probiotic and prebiotic. I had seen Seed on my IG and YouTube so I decided to do my own research and see what the fuss was about. Me being the science geek I am, I was so happy to see that this company is completely backed by science! I actually reached out to them to see if they would be open to some sort of collaboration - to which I was even more happy to see their response. Basically, in order to partner with Seed, you have to do an online course all about probiotics, gut microbiota, gut health and so much more. You have to take an exam at the end to show that you have understood and can apply what you have learnt in the course. I was so surprised and happy to see this! This means that the people who work with Seed are genuinely invested, willing to learn, willing to put aside time to invest in researching and actually take this collaboration seriously.

I wanted to give it a full month trialling this daily Synbiotic to really see a difference and yep - I now know what the fuss is about. The biggest differences I have noticed is ease of bloating, regular bowel movements, skin glowy-ness (definitely not a word but let me have it) and honestly my body just overall feels amazing. It supports gut barrier, skin health and heart health. If you’ve taken a probiotic before, and never felt a difference, it’s likely because the good bacteria wasn’t surviving your GI tract. Seed is designed differently which is why it works. Their capsule protects probiotics through digestion to ensure delivery to the colon - super important! I love anything backed by science. Seed has been kind enough to give you guys a code -  BETHPARKES for 15% off your first month's supply of seed's DS-01™ Daily Synbiotic . Truly a game changer. As always, all opinions are my own.


Morning supplement 2:

Melrose health Vitamin C powder. Coming into the colder months, I like to make sure I am eating more foods rich in vitamin C (carrots, oranges,  broccoli, etc) but I also take a vitamin C powder. I like this one because it is tasteless so I can add it into my smoothies or oats every day. 


Night supplement: 

I take the Ultra Muscleze Night by Bioceuticals. It is essentially a powdered magnesium supplement which is so good for recovery and sore muscles. I take it around an hour before bed and it helps with the quality of my sleep and makes me sleepy and relaxed before bed.



Pack all the snacks

Sometimes it's hard to get a meal when you are on the road, strapped for time or if places at the airport are not yet open. I love packing a bunch of snacks. I would rather have too many snacks than not enough snacks. Typically, I will pack:

+ almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts

+ protein balls (bought or home-made, whatever I had time for)

+ fruit (I love apples because they don't squish in my handbag)

+ overnight oats in a jar (recipe linked here)

+ chickpea chips (recipe in here)

+ muesli bars 



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