What Else Have I Learnt In My Wellness Journey?
1. Intermittent fasting is not magic.
2. It’s normal to days and weeks and months where you lack motivation
3. Cellulite is normal and you don’t have to “get rid of it”
4. You are designed in the image of God which means you are perfect just the way you are
5. Strength training doesn’t make you bulky. It’s amazing for SO many reasons
6. Your progress is not always going to be linear
7. Stop weighing yourself every day and living and dying by the scale. We fluctuate way too much. Plus muscle weighs more than fat. Also it’s just data. Don’t let it rule you
8. Turn your Instagram notifications off. Do it.
9. Counting calories or tracking macros might be really useful for you to gain an understanding of nutrition or it could be very damaging and have you obsessing and seeing food as numbers. Find what works for YOU. Food isn’t data, it’s delicious, fun and fuel!
10. If you want to live a high energy life and feel energised then the food you eat needs to serve you. If you are eating crappy food all the time then you’re not going to feel amazing. Find a balance between fun foods and delicious fuel foods
May 08, 2021 — Beth Parkes

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