2023 Goals and Intentions

2023 Goals and Intentions

I love the end of the year. It's a time to reflect on everything that has happened: the good, the challenging and the fun. I have spent this morning creating a moodboard that remind me of what I want to achieve, goals, intentions and habits I want to pick up. I will set it as my desktop background so I can look at it every day and be reminded of what I am working towards. Some are deep and some are random but I can't wait to look back! 



More God time 

This one is just being more intentional with God and going deeper with Him. I feel like it will be an intention for every single year as it is a constant journey and there's always more to discover, learn and grow in. I want to just incorporate Him more in our days: putting worship music on in the house more, listening to more podcasts and Bible studies. Something I have been doing is during Luca's big nap in the middle of the day is carving out a bit of time, going into my room and putting worship on and just praying, journalling and mind-dumping anything that comes to mind. It has been amazing and changes the trajectory of my day!


 Weekly library dates with Luca 

This isn't really a resolution but more something I want to do with Luca every week! Now that he's older and loves books, I think he would love a library date once a week where we go and choose some books to read together. 


Make date nights more versatile

Brenton and I have date nights every single Thursday night, where we dedicate that night to do something together and date each other. Before Luca, we would go out to dinners or go to the movies but these days we typically have them at home. We want the time to be undivided attention on each other and super intentional, so we wait until Luca is asleep for the night. Next year, we want to mix it up and start going to dinners again and going to movies and getting Luca minded by my sister in law or mother in law. It is such an important time together where we can catch up, connect, be intentional and chat about anything that has been on our mind. If you are married, I highly recommend doing this! It's an amazing practice.


Finish writing my book

I think I have mentioned once or twice that I am writing a book. I am hoping to have this done at some point in 2023. It's a personal book, so it has been equally healing, freeing and painful to write. I go into my past, my childhood and how I came back to God after searching for fulfilment in so many other things. I talk about how we can find peace, joy, freedom, purpose and meaning in a world that offers counterfeit, fleeting, momentary happiness. I am hoping that the publishing process isn't too lengthy, as I know these things can tend to be that way. It's raw, it's real and I can't wait to share my testimony with you.


Read more books

On the topic of books, one of my goals in 2023 is to read more books. I read 3 this year (apart from the Bible) which is actually huge for me because since finishing my university degree where I had to read a textbook for like 3 hours every day, I took an unintentional reading hiatus! I got a Kindle for Christmas which I think will help me read more! Drop your recommendations below or DM me some.


Be okay with changing it up

This is in all areas, but specifically with my blog/brand/business/content. I want to share things that make me happy and just more lifestyle stuff. It's been crazy to see the journey of my page. Originally it was just workouts and recipes, then I started sharing a little more personal stuff and eventually I got rid of my personal page all together and shifted from a State of Wellness page to a personal one. I do second-guess myself because I have naturally moved away from a 'niche' of fitness and recipes and am now sharing more lifestyle stuff like beauty, motherhood and style. Of course, wellness will be a part of my life so I naturally will share in the moment. I just want to share what feels genuine. Anyway - let me know do we like the shift? My DM's are always open! 


Trying a new form of exercise

I will forever love resistance training and have done my FIT workout program for most of the year. For 2023, I want to incorporate other forms of working out like a spin class once a week.


Clearer family routine

I want to have dedicated days to dedicated things. For example: Monday's focus is Pinterest, LTK, planning content for brand deals. Tuesday's focus is to shoot and edit content for brands. Wednesday I focus on writing my book, writing my blogs, etc. Brenton and I are both self-employed and both work from home so we have flexibility which I absolutely love but I also thrive when structure is in place so I want to find a weekly routine that works for our family.


Look after my car and keep it clean

Ugh, my car seriously needs some TLC. I have ordered a bunch of things off Amazon. Mum life has meant old coffee cups and not looking after it. I need to be a better steward with my car!


Get better with my hair and better at doing it

Hair care, styling it, everything. I seriously do the same hairstyle all the time and want to learn how to be better with tools - I haven't quite perfected the curl yet. I also had some postpartum hair loss so I have ordered the Bondi Boost growth shampoo and conditioner - will report back if I see results!


Save for an overseas family holiday for 2024 

We really want to go to the states in 2024 so we need to work out a plan to save for this trip. We can't wait to take Luca overseas!


Do a wardrobe refresh

Donate the clothes that don't feel as 'me' anymore. I feel like my style has definitely evolved and changed. I want to simplify my wardrobe and just have some good staples. 


Launch a project I've been working on 

All will be revealed very very soon...


With that, I am wishing you a happy and healthy 2023! I will be praying for a beautiful year ahead for you. HAPPY NEW YEARS!

Until next year,

Beth x

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I love your blogs and content and positive energy. Thank you for sharing such helpful and truthful content! Happy New Year x


Good luck with everything xx

Joy Della Vita

I love your content and I can relate so much, having a 7 month old myself. Your list motivated me to hopefully find some time today to write my own list for 2023. thanks so much for sharing x


Love it and resinate so much as am a new mum myself! Thank you for sharing xx

Breanne Crawford

Yes for spending more time with God! As you mentioned that’s also my resolution every year but I think that’s the thing we really crave as people… another one is to use my social media in a meaningful way and surround it with people that really bring me closer to Him. Just like you 🫶🏼


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