How I plan our dinners for the week & organise our groceries

How I plan our dinners for the week & organise our groceries

Something that has been a recurring theme in my DM's recently is how I organise our weekly food shop. A while back, I used to plan my dinners on the day and pop down to the grocery shops to get ingredients each day.  Since having Luca, I value my time so much more because I have less of it. I have definitely become much more productive and efficient in the time that I do have these days. For us, it all comes down to planning and being organised.


Lists on the phone

I have 3 lists on my notes app.

1. The first list has different dinner ideas, including our easy 10-minute dinners 

2. The second list has all of our typical groceries broken into different categories (e.g. fruit, canned, frozen, etc).

3. The third list is me keeping tabs on what we use. So if myself or Brenton finishes a coconut water for example, we will pop this down on the list. 


Planning your dinners

I use the first list to choose the dinners for the week and write what days we are having them. On the busier days, I will choose a quick dinner. On the days we have a less busy schedule, I will choose a dinner that might take a little longer. I love cooking, but not your typical cooking. I love quick, easy meals. Anything over 1 hour in the kitchen is too long for me! My recipe ebook, Simply Nourished, has a bunch of easy and healthy dinners if you ever needed inspo. 


Getting your groceries / ordering your groceries 

I order my groceries online, but this will apply to you if you get them in store. I use my second and third list to see what we typically get and what we are low in stock on/have ran out of. Something that I really really dislike doing is wasting food, so I like to make sure I don't over-order. There are always a few things that I can't get at the grocery store because they are either a) sold out or b) only available at the health food shop. I grab these at the start of the week or whenever we need these items.


Hope that's helpful! x

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Thanks so much for this blog. As u know always love your state of wellness things and your page. Resonate so much with me cause I feel like so alike in some ways. Love and always up for simple cooking and always find it hard to know what to cook especially after long days working etc, also love moving my body at good pace and living healthy life physically, mentally and spiritually and love having sister in Christ that’s so open and honest about faith. Love it. So thanks for being the beautiful you

Dana Arthur

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