Wedding Chat: Everything I'm doing to prep for my wedding next month

Wedding Chat: Everything I'm doing to prep for my wedding next month

To my stressed brides, my girls doing wedding 2.0 or anyone who wants the 411 on wedding prep...

I have been getting asked what I'm doing to prep for our wedding 2.0 (for those of you new here, we legally got married in 2020 and are now having the celebration). I wanted to write a succinct list of the things I have been doing.

I'm still waking up during the night to feed Luca so I am feeling a little... rusty at times to say the least haha! These are the things I have been doing to help me feel my best:



- Prayer: whenever I feel stressed about anything, I just surrender and pray. I am always reminded of what is actually important. Segway...

- Remembering what's important: at the end of the day, it's not the wedding that matters - it's your marriage. The wedding comes and goes but marriage is something you will constantly be working on and growing forever. Praying your marriage goes from strength to strength!

- Writing lists: we love an organised bride haha. I feel like getting all the random things that pop into your head on one clear list is so helpful. I have a note in my notes app so if I'm out and about and something comes to mind, I'll pop it in there. When I get home, I'll then put in my my master physical list at home. I'm old-school and love a pen and paper list over anything digital. 


Skincare / Beauty / Hair

Because I am still breastfeeding, I have to avoid some types of skincare (retinol etc) which I would usually use. But I have been loving: 

- Vitamin C serum - it's super important to put SPF on after applying this

- SPF. This is something we should be doing every. single. day and wearing a hat/glasses. We have to protect our precious skin!

- The Daily Co cleanser, cleansing oil, facial oil, moisturiser and recovery balm. I only recently discovered this brand and it couldn't have been more timely. I cannot get enough, their products are next level and my skin loves them

- Vitamin C eye serum

- Prepping my lashes with eyelash serum (I don't want extensions, I might just do a lash lift and tint!)

- I use this shampoo and conditioner. I don't use much heat and let my hair air dry. I get regular trims to keep it healthy on the ends. I have also gone back to a more natural colour so less bleach has worked wonders on my hair.

- Ice roller. I love the way this ice roller help de-puff in the morning. I will absolutely be using it the morning of my wedding!


One thing I would have loved would for my tattoos to be completely removed. I started getting them removed before I fell pregnant but haven't been able to get the treatments as I was pregnant and now breastfeeding. I spoke about this on my stories a while back, but I am removing all of my tattoos except my cross. They are super faded which is nice but I am really looking forward to removing them completely once we finish our bf journey (unless it's then time for baby #2? kidding.. kind of)



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