Monday Musings: A 6-month postpartum check-in

Monday Musings: A 6-month postpartum check-in

How is Luca 6 months next week? It has been amazing seeing him come into his personality so much more. I love this stage! He's sweet, happy, easy-going, cuddly and loves being outside and going places. He looooves going for walks in the pram and carrier and looking at everything. 


How I am feeling 6 months PP

I'm still breastfeeding and have been really enjoying the journey! I am still waking up through the night to feed him, which weirdly I am so used to and actually enjoy (does that sound crazy?). Of course, I am tired, but being able to hold him and nurse him back to sleep in the middle of the night when the whole world is sleeping is such a beautiful feeling. It's like this quiet, sacred space where it's just me and him. I don't know if other mums can relate? I just adore him and am loving every moment - even in the chaotic and sleep-deprived season! I know it's such a short season though some nights feel really long. Some nights we sleep better than others and some days are harder than others. I had had days where I feel like I am running on empty and they have been really challenging. I'm not saying this to be negative, I want to be open with you guys. In this space, it's such a fine line between being #negvibes and being an open book. I want this space to be somewhere that you guys can come and feel inspired, happy, motivated and encouraged but I also want to shine light on topics that are sometimes taboo or swept under the rug and I want to normalise things that are often not shown or spoken about! I never want to talk about only the good side of things as that's unrealistic. It's a balance that I'm working on daily! At the end of the day, I want to create a safe community where women can feel seen and heard.

With all that said, I feel like I am finally in my groove now Luca is in routine and a schedule. It makes things like scheduling my day a lot easier!

In terms of my fitness, I am feeling strong and fit. I have been doing my new fitness program on repeat because I am really happy with how I am feeling. I saw a women's health physio who prescribed me exercises to bring my ab separation back together and I truly feel exactly the same as I did before falling pregnant. 


Some musings / a few things I would anyone who is yet to have babies:

Don't bother with buying cute or expensive newborn clothes, buy cute swaddles instead! The reason for this is because 99% of the time your bub is swaddled (wrapped up) so you never see their clothes anyway. Save the investment for 2+ months! 

+ There are lots of things you can get cheap, but definitely invest in a good pram. This is something that we use every single day and I love how I can manoeuvre it with one hand. The model we have is the Fox 3 from Bugaboo and we love it!

Basic self-care like showering and brushing your teeth is not "a break". It is a necessity. Yes, it's a luxurious necessity and we are so blessed to be living in a country with access to clean water. But taking a shower is not something you should feel the need to justify. 

Mum guilt will come and go, but just know you are doing the best you can. You are so seen, you are doing an amazing job. 

Don't compare your journey (pregnancy, birth, baby sleep schedule, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, your baby's temperament etc) to anyone.

+ If you can, sleep when they sleep.

Don't put pressure on yourself to "have it all together". No one does. And if they seem like they do, they're not showing all of it. Let there be some dishes, let the mirror be dirty (see the picture I chose for this blog post lol) and take the pressure off. A safe home is more important than a clean one.

+ There is so much information out there and people always have their own opinions on parenting styles - do what works for you! You know your baby better than anyone and God chose you to be their mumma. Plus, every baby is SO different. What works for you may not work for them and vice versa. A few weeks ago I said something on my stories along the lines of "I'm not an expert in babies, Luca is my first..." and I got a beautiful reply saying that wasn't true because I'm an expert in my baby and to never forget that! I felt so seen and appreciated, it was such a beautiful message. With that, I'll close this post by saying - I am just having a moment of gratitude for each and every one of you who take the time to message me and be a part of this community. You are all such beautiful women and I love being able to share together.

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Definitely agree with some of your tips to parents to be. I have a 4 month old bub and can resonate. What is Luca’s current routine/schedule?


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