Everything I *actually* used in my hospital bag...

Everything I *actually* used in my hospital bag...

I'm currently going through my old blog post for what I packed in my hospital bag, and wanted to give you guys an update on what I *actually* used, what I loved and what I didn't even touch. I've added my updated comments in the italics



  • Baby bag linked here - Perfect sized bag! Loved how organised it enabled me to be 
  • 4 x 0000 singlets - wish I packed 00000 as he was little and the 0000 clothes were too big
  • 2 x full body onesies - yep, used both
  • 3 x leotard onesies - could have packed just 1 
  • 2 x pairs of socks - yep, used
  • 1 x bibs dummy - didn't touch this at all
  • 2 x swaddles, one Jersey Cotton and one Muslin Wrap yep, I used the muslin one!
  • Burp cloth - didn't use it as my milk didn't come in for a couple of days
  • Portable white noise machine - I actually loved and used this! I put the sound of rain on and it helped Brenton and I fall asleep after labour
  • 1 x knotted hat - Way too big for his little head
  • Huggies newborn nappies - yep, used! The hospital does have some though
  • Water wipes - again, used!
  • Blanket - this one was only $15 and is the perfect size and soft! - I actually just ended up using the hospital one. However I did use my own for the car ride home, so I will still pack one for the next bubba



Labour section

  • Battery operated tea-light candles - YES YES YES! These were amazing. Seriously changed the whole atmosphere of the room
  • Hand-held fan - rechargeable - I legit HATED this haha I was in labour at home and I didn't even end up packing it to the hospital
  •  Combs I got two options. One from Amazon, one from Chemist Warehouse - Okay, I loved the ones from Amazon but the ones from Chemist Warehouse weren't sharp enough! I left those ones at home
  • TENS Machine hired from Bliss Birth - Yep, loved, but didn't use it early enough (more about this in my birth story video coming next week)
  • Plastic Bag for wet clothes - I wish I packed two of these because my toiletries bag ended up getting wet so I had to use a random plastic sleeve
  • Face mist and makeup wipes - Nope, haha didn't touch them
  • Lip balm - Used it after labour
  • I plan to labour in black undies, a black bra and an oversized shirt - shirt came off but stayed in bra and undies
  • Bikini to labour in - Nope, I was just in my bra and undies in the bath

Clothing/toiletries section

  • A robe
    (a dark coloured one) - didn't touch it haha
  • PJ's
    I have a button-down short sleeve set (perfect for breastfeeding) from Amazon and a tracksuit from Bonds. - didn't touch the tracksuit but wore PJ's post-birth
  • Maternity bras
    SKIMS have an amazing one linked here but definitely on the pricier side! Dupe for the SKIMS ones linked here. I sized up in my maternity bras. - Yep, I love these bras
  • Socks - yep, a must-have
  • Slippers 
    For walking around the hospital - I did actually wear mine! Made it feel a little more cosy
  • Slides 
    For showering/getting to and from the hospital - yep, I wore these (for the shower after birth. During labour I didn't have any shoes on lol)
  • Black undies
    I sized up and went for seamless, comfy and cheap because let's be real, they'll likely get gross and tossed out - a must-have
  • Going home outfit
    I am going for all black: biker shorts, oversized tee and slides. I also packed my compression shorts to pop underneath my bike shorts as per my physio's recommendation. - Perfect outfit for postpartum recovery. Comfy yet still supportive. I ended up getting a different brand of recovery shorts though, linked here 
  • Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hair ties, dry shampoo, shampoo + conditioner if I want to wash my hair, body wash, face moisturiser, body butter, concealer, mascara - used most of this except I didn't wash my hair. I actually ended up packing my serums and oils too and used them after birth! There was something so nice about having my full skin care routine there. I didn't think I would do it but I did and LOVED it!
  • Tote bag for dirty washing - yes, pack this! 
  • Baby name necklace - I laboured with this necklace on, so special


Postpartum recovery section

  • Lanolin - didn't touch but once I was home I started using it and it is incredible!
  • Disposable breast pads and reusable breast pads from Bubba Bump's postpartum recovery kit - I can't stand the disposable ones but I LOOOVE the reusable ones
  • Breastfeeding ice packs and peri ice pack from Bubba Bump's postpartum recovery kit - didn't touch! But I did end up packing some padsicles (that I made at home - just pads with witch hazel and aloe frozen) which I used 
  • Peri bottle and peri spray from Bubba Bump's postpartum recovery kit - so. much. yes. If you are on the fence about getting one... GET ONE
  • Disposable underwear - one from Bubba Bump, one from Depends - loved both brands 
  • Noonie Cooling Pads - didn't use



  • Snacks - yes! I didn't eat in labour but it was so nice to have these snacks after I had Luca. The snacks were perfect for Brenton to grab during labour too
  • 2 x pillows (1 for me, 1 for Brenton) - I really recommend! The hospital ones weren't comfy at all
  • Snuggly blankets - 1 for me, 1 for Brenton - yep, these were perfect after birth. Again, the hospital bedding wasn't very snuggly
  • Laptop - we didn't end up using this
  • Long phone chargers - I didn't use this, I just used my regular one
  • Brenton's clothes 
  • Water bottle with straw - YES! I use this every day, perfect for breastfeeding too
  • Prenatal vitamins - probably could have left at home but I did have them
  • Exercise ball - hated it in labour at home haha didn't even end up packing it
  • Beats, Air Pods, Bluetooth speaker - didn't end up using any headphones, just the speaker. I wanted to be able to hear Brenton and my midwife
  • Paperwork: birth plan, cards, etc 
  • Lavender oil - nope, I was already in active labour when I got to the hospital I did not care about essential oils haha
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