How I plan on balancing mum life + running a business

As you guys know, I am over halfway through my pregnancy. Our life is about to totally change and I honestly cannot wait! Being self-employed means lines can be blurred with work boundaries, maternity leave and taking time off. I have been working on two new projects this pregnancy and am aiming to have them launched and running before baby boy gets here. And if not, that's okay. While I absolutely love work, my first priority is being a wife and a mum - not a business woman. And that will never change! This is how I plan on balancing work life and mum life... 

Work + family time

While I love what I do and genuinely love working, it is not my first priority. I am working on some exciting projects but I know that if I am strapped for time, the first thing that is going to go is my business endeavours - NOT time with my family. I will always choose my family over time on social media, accepting new collaborations and developing new products and projects.


Asking for help

Asking for help is not spoken about enough! We live in such a hyper-individualised society. Going to church has taught me so much including the fact that we need community around us! I want to make a really conscious effort to ask for help when I need it. I know raising a baby takes a village. It is so important to remember that you and your husband are a team. There have been times in my pregnancy where my hormones have been wild and I have just felt so overwhelmed. I would always communicate and tell Brenton when I felt overwhelmed or stressed, and he has always stepped in and asked what he can do to lighten my load. Ask for help!


Get organised

Honestly, if you're an unorganised person, making a to-do list, calendar and Excel spreadsheet will be your new BFF. I write a weekly to-do list at the start of every week with everything I need to get done and delegate to different days. I have actually recently broken my work week up into set days and have loved it. For example: Monday is an errands, admin and emails day. Tuesday is a content creation day, Wednesday is a projects and RND day and etc. etc.

Along with writing my weekly to-do list, I also write a daily to-do list. This sits next to my laptop and keeps me on-track and accountable for the day. Believe me when I say: I schedule everything. Jesus time, my workout, groceries, if I have to wash my hair, my lunch break, etc. Working from home makes it tempting to get distracted but I have found these lists help keep me on track.

My excel spreadsheet has all of the collaborations, content and projects that I have upcoming, as well as a place to store all of my ideas and dreams. 


Having a schedule for baby boy

We are going to try to do a sleep and feeding schedule. No judgement if you do things differently! Everyone is different, everyone has different opinions. Do what works for you. 


Understanding each others needs

Working out keeps me mentally fresh, clear, de-stressed and happy! Obviously I can't get back into training until my 6 week PP check up, but I will try to walk with the pram and just get out when I can until then. We will see how we go.

Brenton is very much the same. He loves working out and surfing as his stress-relievers. I think it's really important to allow each other the time and space to work out and do things that we love. Communicating your needs is so important in relationships. Super cliche, but communication truly is key! Be upfront. There is no point saying "it's okay, I don't mind" if you do in fact, mind. Be honest, be open and communicate. Your partner cannot read your mind! 


Make time for each other 

I know there is going to be so much focus placed on baby boy, but we are going to continue our date nights every Thursday. It's important to us to set that time aside and go on a date. Of course, in the early days, we will do date nights at home with takeout and make a cosy space to watch a movie together when baby boy sleeps. But once we are able to go out, there will be zero guilt in asking for help from the in-laws and going to grab dinner and a massage. Time together is so important for a healthy marriage. Not just time, but quality time together. There is a difference between being in each others space and intentionally making time for one another with zero distractions.


These are just a few things I plan on implementing when baby boy is here to try to maintain some sort of balance. I know there will be sleepless nights and challenges. I feel like putting some sort of structure in place will help, but we will remain flexible and open to changing things. I am over halfway through my pregnancy now, and I can't wait to expand our family and become 3. Until next time,

B x

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