Sleep Better: It Starts With Your Nighttime Routine

Sleep Better: It Starts With Your Nighttime Routine

Ahh, sleep. We love it. And we can't function properly if we don't get enough of it. Here are some tips to help you have a better sleep:

1. No screens
Try to stop screen-time leading up to bed time. The blue light from your phone disrupts your natural circadian rhythms (aka internal body clock) which affects your psychology, metabolism and sleep quality. Without going too “sciencey” on you, the blue light from your screens suppresses the production of melatonin, which is essentially your sleepy hormone

2. Switch off and unwind
Try reading, praying or journalling to unwind and switch off for the day

3. Softer lighting
Turn off your main bright lights and use a soft and dim lamp if you are able to

4. Brain dump
Write down anything on your mind that might be bothering you and plan your day for the next day. You should feel less stressed because you can get the mess in your head out and onto paper


5. Blue light glasses
If you have to use a screen before bed for whatever reason, try using blue-light glasses which block the blue light from your screen


6. Limit your caffeine!
No more coffee after 11am-12pm. That is a rule I had to make with myself (within reason haha). I found if I had coffee after this time, my sleep quality was poorer than then I needed more coffee the next day and so the vicious cycle begins...

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