I actually cannot believe I can FINALLY share the news! We found out EARLY so I have been keeping this for so long and have been dying to write this detailed post! I still can't believe that next year we will have a baby. It is such a surreal, insane, amazing time for both myself and Brenton and we couldn't be happier! We feel extremely blessed. We know our life is about to change, but we are so ready for the adventure.

Announcing has made it feel so much more real, it was like our little secret for so long and now I'm like...THIS IS HAPPENING!

I wanted to recap my first trimester. For the most part, it has been amazing. Yes, I have been sick and fatigued, but I am so grateful. It has been interesting (and at times really, really hard) experiencing my first pregnancy in lockdown. I had to tell my family through FaceTime, which was sucky not being able to celebrate in person. It was also really hard not having Brenton there at my 10-week ultrasound due to covid restrictions. It was such a special moment and so amazing seeing our little bebe moving around, I would have loved for Brenton to be there. Fortunately, I was able to film it and show it to him after. But, with all that being said, I am faithful and praying that we are out of lockdown soon and I can have a baby shower and still celebrate with all of my loved ones.

How and when I found out

Okay honestly, this is going to sound weird but I just knew I was pregnant. I was honestly starving all the time and would wake up at 5:30am ready for breakfast (normally I wouldn't get hungry for breakfast until at least 8:30). I tested a few days before my missed period and got a negative result but I didn't believe it, I suspected I had just tested too early for the HCG to show up. I then waited until the next day as soon as I woke up (I seriously couldn't sleep) and sure enough the tiniest, faintest line showed up. I got sucked into the biggest YouTube vortex of 'evaporation lines' and thinking it was a false positive, so I waited until the next morning to test again. Sure enough, the line was stronger, which is when I told Brenton! So yep, I found out at just 4 weeks pregnant - before I had even missed my period.

It was the craziest, mot surreal feeling ever. I have goosebumps writing this. So many things crossed my mind at that point: When am I due? What can't I eat? Can I STILL HAVE MY MORNING COFFEE?! Can I still use my skincare? 

I told Brenton basically an hour after I found out (I went and bought a cute knitted set for the baby and put it in a shoebox with the pregnancy test). It was the sweetest reaction, and I am so glad I filmed it to look back on and show baby one day. Once I told Brenton. we booked a doctors appointment to confirm the pregnancy as once it came back positive, we HAD to tell our immediate family and best friends. 

First Trimester Recap

Week 4-6 I had vivid dreams, sore nips (sorry TMI but thats what we came for right?), fatigue and legitimately eating all the time! Bang on 6 weeks, I started to feel nauseous as soon as I woke up. My boobs grew and I was SO tired by midday I was taking a nap basically every day for these 2 weeks! By week 8 my fatigue eased off and the only thing that stayed was my morning and night sickness, hunger levels and cravings. Week 7 and 8 were the roughest for me, I was tired, had zero motivation to work out, had zero motivation to eat anything healthy and just wanted to be a blob on the couch to be honest. Now, I'm still needing extra sleep in the night, getting up around 6:30 instead of 5:30 and I am back to training 4 x per week and have finally been feeling good as regular exercise obviously helps with everything from energy increase to better sleep to happier moods, digestion, the list goes on! Working out was the biggest struggle in the first half of trimester 1 but I wanted to listen to my body and rest when needed. I'm honestly glad I'm back into routine now! I am still doing the 30-day challenge with the necessary modifications that my physiotherapist has prescribed for me, taking longer breaks and making sure my heart rate does not get up too high. And I'm obviously not following the meal plan, haha! I am focusing on staying active and healthy, as much as I can. 

I have been deep diving into Pinterest, planning the nursery and doing a tonne of research into all the different things we need.

BABY PARKES COMING MARCH 2022. God is so good and so faithful!

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