Newborn Essentials

Newborn Essentials

Disclaimer to start: I'm not a baby expert by any means - this is just what works for us. 4 months of my pregnancy was spent in lockdown which means I had plenttyyy of time to research. I seriously consumed SO much pregnancy and baby content. Birth vlogs, YouTube labour techniques and birth advice (I love Bridget Tyler, such practical tips for labour and birth), podcasts (I think I listened to every Beyond The Bump episode) and did so much research on what I needed as a new mum for newborn life. Let's get started...




I wanted a co-sleeper bassinet because I didn't want to have to get up and out of bed every single time I woke up to feed. I went with this one for two reasons (aside from it being aesthetic): 1) It was one of the smallest ones on the market. We wanted something small as he will only be in it for a few months before moving into his big boy cot. 2) It has wheels making it suuuper functional. If he is asleep, we can move him to another room to watch him without having to wake him.


Nappy caddy

LOVE this nappy caddy! I wasn't sure whether I was going to buy one but it is one of my most used items. It was $20 and it's perfect size. I keep this next to my bed / next to his bassinet at night and on the lounge during the day. I keep everything in it so I can just grab it without having to go into his nursery - nappies, wipes, dummy, burp cloth, swaddle, spare outfit, swaddle, nipple pads, nipple cream and lip balm. 



We got the Cocoonababy as one of our first purchases. I love that Luca can actually sleep in here overnight inside his bassinet and during the day for his naps, unlike other competitors. He loves it. The strap helps keep him secure and strapped in and means that he can't break free of his swaddle. Any time you see him napping on my IG, he is in this. However, it only lasts a few months, then they can't use it anymore. Still, it's something we use every single day so I was happy to purchase.


Pram & capsule 

We got the Bugaboo Fox 3 travel system. We really wanted something super durable as I walk a lot! I love how it manoeuvres and we are both super impressed with the quality. Plus: it's aesthetic. If you know me, you know an all-black pram is right up my alley. We loved that it came with a carseat/carrier because when Luca falls asleep in the car, we don't want to wake him trying to transfer him to wherever we are going. 


Baby bag 

I loooove this baby bag. I love how many compartments there are, the size, the shape and even the leather pram straps it has. Cannot fault this bag! I can do a 'what's in my baby bag' if you guys are keen, let me know!


Portable white noise machine

These are game changers! Perfect for the car or pram. I usually just keep mine in my pram.


Pram clips

Speaking of prams, I use pram clips to secure a swaddle over the pram when it's sunny and I'm walking him. It just holds the swaddle in place and makes sure the sun isn't on him. 



Kiin make an amazing swaddle. They are soft and breathable and come in beautiful colours.


Ergo pouch sleep suits

Luca was breaking free of his swaddles pretty quickly, so these sleep suits are perfect for his night time sleeps as he can't get him arms out of them.


Zip onesies 

Whilst button-up things are cute, they are not as practical as zip-onesies. I love the Bonds zip onesies as they are soft, fit well and zip through which makes it easy to change his nappy without having to take his whole onesie off.



You need so many of these and they grow so quick so I went for cheap and in bulk! He wears these under all of his clothes.


Huggies newborn nappies

I love the wet line indicator on these nappies!


Baby blanket

This baby blanket is the perfect size for the pram, car and naps. It's warm, soft, a nice colour and only $15. Highly recommend this one!


Change mat 

One word: WIPEABLE! You don't want a material change mat with covers that you have to wash every day. I love this change mat. I have gone for a wipeable for my change mat, play mat and bibs (for when he is older).


Hooded towels 

Not 100% necessary, but makes getting out of the water easier as we wrap him up into a little burrito and was dry his hair with the hood. He loves being all snuggled up in this, it's super soft and cosy.


Wash cloths

These ones are so soft.


Nursing chair 

Honestly the comfiest chair ever. It swivels, it reclines, it's aesthetic, it's linen, what's not to love?


Baby carrier

I am yet to use my baby carrier so I can't actually recommend yet, but I love the aesthetic of this one and I have heard really good things!


Burp cloths

You need these because they are thick, big and durable. You can throw it over your shoulder and it covers a large surface area. Don't worry about getting nice ones, you will chuck them in the wash continuously.


Nasal aspirator

Gross, but TRUST ME - you need this or some kind of snot sucker (sorry, couldn't think of a better name haha). Think about when we try to eat and drink with a stuffy nose, it makes it difficult. This device helps receive congestion in babies who may be having a hard time feeding. I was sceptical at first but it really does make a difference 

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