Snacks and meals we feed Luca

Snacks and meals we feed Luca

Whenever I post something around the topic of Luca's food, I get questions about what I feed him. I am still currently breastfeeding but he loves his solids (this boy is such a foodie like his parents).


A few things I like to meal prep in bigger batches for him:

+ Egg bites (with lots of finely chopped veggies)

+ A tray of roasted veggies (pumpkin, sweet potato etc)

+ Pancakes (made predominantly with banana and egg)

+ Chia pudding

+ Boiled eggs

These typically last a while in the fridge and are easy to grab and serve.


Other things he loves eating are things things like:

+ Fruit (especially banana)

+ Avocado

+ Oatmeal

He will typically eat the same dinner as us, with some changes to suit his age and what he is capable of chewing. He loves pasta and turkey meatballs (must be my son). There hasn't actually been anything he doesn't like yet. I know this list isn't anything crazy or fancy, but hopefully it gives you some inspiration for easy, nourishing meals for your bebe.

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