Third trimester checklist / What I still need to do

Third trimester checklist / What I still need to do

Tomorrow I will be 30 weeks pregnant which is honestly so crazy to me. I can't believe we get to meet our little man so soon and we cannot wait. Nesting has been in full swing for me since hitting third trimester so the other day I sat down and wrote a list and thought I would share it.

Preparing for baby boy

Most of the essentials have been purchased however we do still need to get a bassinet, cot and a chest of drawers (we will use this as his change table). I will do a full nursery tour once it's all done. 

+ Wash his clothes, blankets and bassinet sheets. I have purchased a washing detergent that is sensitive and can be used on his clothing so I will use that. 

+ Put clothes, nappies, wipes etc in chest of drawers and hang what needs to be hung in his cupboard

+ Nursery finished - still need cot, bassinet and chest of drawers

+ Fit car seat into car

+ Organise nappy bag

+ Set up bassinet

 + Pram has been assembled and is ready to go


Preparing for labour and birth

+ Download contractions timer app

+ Write hospital bag list

+ Pack hospital bags (I will do a dedicated hospital bag video). We need to pack my hospital bag, Brenton's bag and baby boy's bag

+ Create a labour playlist 

+ Purchase items that I want to help assist with my labour (tens machine, exercise ball, labour combs)

+ Pump up exercise ball

+ Have a labour and delivery plan

+ Attend a birth course (have booked this in already)


Preparing for me and my postpartum recovery 

I have basically all of my postpartum recovery things such as disposable underwear, pads, ice packs, heat packs, nipple cream, peri bottle, maternity pads and etc. However, I still need to:

+ Prep aloe pads and perineum / breast ice and heat packs

+ Bake meals and snacks to freeze (nourishing soups, curries, protein balls, lasagna) to have when we don't feel up to cooking 

+ Deep clean the house so we feel clean and organised when we come home from hospital 


If you're a mama and have any other recommendations, please let me know! 

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