What's on my baby list + what I've already purchased

What's on my baby list + what I've already purchased

When I first found out I was pregnant, I started researching what I needed for baby boy straight away. I thrive off lists and organisation so I knew I wanted to get organised with what I needed. I honestly did not expect there to be so many types of baby products. Below is a list of things that I have purchased or things I intend on purchasing. None of this post is sponsored content, it is all things that I have researched myself and love!


Pram + Car seat

We got the Bugaboo Fox 3 travel system. The reviews looked amazing and we really wanted something super durable as I walk a lot! I love how it manoeuvres and we are both super impressed with the quality. Plus: it's aesthetic. If you know me, you know an all-black pram is right up my alley. We loved that it came with a carseat/carrier that can easily be clipped into the pram. Perfect if baby boy falls asleep in the car and we don't want to wake him trying to transfer him into the pram!



Before getting pregnant, I loved the look of the Moses baskets and the sweet free-standing wicker ones. However, when I started researching, practicality outweighs aesthetics! We decided we wanted a co-sleeper (one that attaches to the side of your bed) so I can settle him in the night without having to get up out of bed a million times. We love the look of the Danish by Design BEDNEST bassinet and love that it isn't clunky. I really waned a co-sleeper for practicality, but still wanted it to be aesthetic. 



We are yet to purchase our cot as it is less of a priority because he won't be sleeping in there for months. I love the look of the simple, timber cots like this one here or here



We got the Cocoonababy as one of our first purchases. I love that baby boy can actually sleep in here overnight inside his bassinet and during the day for his naps, unlike other competitors. It will be a perfect nest to pop him in when we are not holding him.


Postpartum care

There is so much focus on the baby, but us mums need some love too! I have bought some comfy nursing bras, regular bras and some cute pyjama sets. I also bought some coord sets to wear after I give birth to be comfy but still feel cute and like my life is somewhat together.


Ergo baby carrier

We tossed up between the Baby Bjorn and the Ergobaby carrier but have decided to go with the Ergobaby


Baby bouncer

We haven't bought a bouncer because just like the cot, it isn't something that we need right away. We are thinking of getting this Baby Bjorn bouncer here. 


Aside from those big ticket items, we need all the usual suspects: clothes, swaddles, dummies, bottles, wash cloths, hooded towels, onesies, nappies, car mobile, sound machine and etc. I will do a detailed haul on everything I have gotten + a nursery tour once everything is up and running. 

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