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State of Wellness by Beth Parkes

FIT: Fitness, Wellness & Nutrition Program

FIT: Fitness, Wellness & Nutrition Program

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Consider this your one-stop shop for your fitness, wellness and nutrition!

If you’re already training, this will take you to the next level, and if you’re just starting out, you’re going to be thankful you did this program from the start.

Along with 8 weeks of fun and unique workouts (with photo and video demonstrations to best support your training), you also have a comprehensive nutrition section and wellness section. It’s a holistic approach to training.

The Fitness Section includes 8 weeks of unique and fun workouts that combine hypertrophy training with explosive & dynamic movements. There are 5 workouts per week programmed for you with 100+ diverse exercises to keep things fun, interesting and enjoyable. It also includes information on tracking your progress, the importance of technique and form, how to choose the amount of weight you lift, rest and recovery. Every exercise has written cues, photo demonstrations and video demonstrations.

The Wellness Section is where we chat all things productivity, hacks, time management tips, goal setting, sticking to your workout schedule and self-care.

The Nutrition Section is where we talk about finding your balance, the scientific approach to losing fat or gaining muscle (including a step-by-step breakdown of how you can implement this approach to achieve your goals), creating sustainable lifestyle changes, increasing your metabolism, macros, eating pre and post workout and nutrition tips - I have it all covered. This section is of course approved by an Accredited Practising Dietitian. 



What Can I Expect?

✓ Get strong and get toned while remaining functional

✓ Learn about nutrition and how to eat to support your goals (fitness, fat loss, muscle gain)

Build long-lasting healthy nutrition habits and self-care practices that are realistic and sustainable

✓ Build muscle (if desired) or reduce body fat (if desired) safely - all while protecting your metabolism

✓ Learn how to increase your metabolism 

✓ Tighten and strengthen your core

✓ Build confidence in the gym

 Increase fitness and strength 


What You Need to Know

  • This program is designed for use in the gym
  • All fitness levels welcomed - no matter your fitness level, this program is for you
  • FIT is a 80+ page downloadable eBook PDF which includes interactive links to videos (with no requirement to sign up with an account)


Refunds + Exchanges

All purchases of digital downloads made on are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Due to the product being a digital download, we cannot accept any request for refunds or exchanges. Please contact us via in the case of purchase error


Important Information

Once you have purchased your FIT Program, you will receive a confirmation email. Shortly after, you will receive a second email with a link to your FIT Program eBook (as a digital download). All challenge e-books will be sent directly to your email that you use at checkout. Please ensure that you check all folders including your spam and junk folders. The PDF download link will expire after 24 hours, so please download the PDF and save it to your desktop and/or phone. I recommend opening on your books app. If you are having trouble or missed the download window, please email customer support at

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